African American Therapist, woman


Ilita Beckham is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, in the Los Angeles area, providing individual therapy to adolescents and adults. She has experience working in a number of settings, with diverse populations - ages, ethnicities, cultures, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, 

socio-economic backgrounds and experiences. 

Ilita is a client-centered and collaborative therapist, who uses strength-based models to help clients create, build and maintain healthy relationships. She works to assist clients with decreasing emotional discomfort while increasing coping skills and building self-esteem/confidence to help manage life's challenges at school, home, work and with relating to others.

In sessions, Ilita is open-minded, down to earth and directive, yet supportive. We all have what we need to change within us...we just need someone to help us bring it out. 

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